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How to Make Pinatas

Pink Party Pinata

Make the pink party pinata.
Make the pink party pinata.

With its funny wiggle eyes and adorable red nose and ears, the pink party pinata is the life of the party. Learn how to make this pinata by following the instructions below.

What you'll need:

  • Paper grocery bag
  • Small treats and candy
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Pink tissue paper
  • Construction paper: red, black
  • 2 wiggle eyes, 35 mm
  • Chenille stem
  • 1 yard ribbon


  • Masking tape, 2 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Black marker

How to make the pink party pinata:

Step 1: Fill the bag about a quarter of the way with small treats and candy. Crumple newspaper into the bag until it is half full. Fold the top down neatly, and tape closed.


Step 2: Cut two 4-inch circles out of cardboard for ears, and tape in place at the top of the bag.

Step 3: Completely wrap the the bag in masking tape.

Step 4: Cut a piece of tissue paper into 6-inch-wide strips. Fold each in half to make doubled 3-inch-wide strips. Fringe each strip, making cuts every 1/2 inch or so all the way up the long side. Make sure you leave the folded edge intact.

Step 5: Run a line of glue along the fold of a piece of fringe, and glue it onto the bottom edge of the bag. Add additional pieces around the edge until it is covered with fringe.

Glue the next strip 2 inches above the first. Continue gluing strips until the entire bag, including the ears, is covered with fringe. (Make more pieces of fringe as needed.)

Step 6: For the top edge of the bag, open a strip of fringe, and glue the crease along the edge of the ears and the fold of the bag.

Step 7: Draw circle ears and a triangle nose on red paper and a mouth on black paper; cut out. Glue these and the wiggle eyes in place. Let dry, and draw whisker spots on the cheeks with marker.

Step 8: Poke a hole in the top for hanging. String a chenille stem through the hole, and twist the ends together to make a loop. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and glue it on top of the hole.

To make a stronger pinata for older kids, wrap it in multiple layers of masking tape.

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