How to Make Pinatas

Make the pink party pinata.
Make the pink party pinata.

For a children's party craft idea that is sure to be a hit, learn how to make pinatas for kids.

Pinatas are homemade crafts for kids, usually in the form of animals or other fun shapes, that are filled with candy and other goodies. Kids take turns hitting the pinata with a bat or stick until the treats inside are released.

The pinatas below are great ideas for your next kids' party. What's more, the party begins before the guests arrive -- with our simple steps, making a pinata is as much fun as breaking it open.

Explore the links below to learn how to make your own pinatas:

Parrot Pinata

Pink Party Pinata

You'll be tickled pink by this adorable pinata. Follow the simple steps in this article to learn how to make the pink party pinata.

Perch a parrot pinata at your next party. Learn how to make this great pinata in the next section.

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