How to Make Paper Purses

Home is where the paper purse is at.
Home is where the paper purse is at.

It's hard to go wrong when you make paper purses for kids. Kids will love the opportunity to turn this paper craft into a functional everyday item that can carry around everything from colored pencils to a snack.

Paper purse crafts combine the ease of working with paper and the endless decorative possibilities of scissors and glue. Paper comes in many different colors and is a great, affordable craft material.

The following paper purse projects will help get you started:

House Tote

You can store your keepsakes in this House Tote paper purse and take them with you at the same time.

Stuff 'n More Stuff Bags

Paper bags in paper bags create a perfect paper holder. Organize your papers and work with this paper bag filing craft.

Ladybug Paper Purse

Who says a paper bag has to be boring? Follow this Ladybug Paper Purse craft to create a bright red paper purse that will brighten your day.

Pretty Pouch Purse

Use ribbon and a paper plate to create a Pretty Pouch Purse that is also a functional craft.

Find out how to make a portable paper purse house with the first paper purse craft.

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