How to Make a Paper Gondola

The Paper Gondola paper craft

Make a paper gondola, and display it in your room. In Venice, Italy, these boats are used just like we use taxis in the United States.

Follow the simple instructions below to create your own paper gondola -- and as they say in Italy, buon viaggio!


What You'll Need:

Black construction paper

Gold fadeless or origami paper



Construction paper




Fold a piece of black construction paper in quarters. Then, with the open fold on the left, cut out the bow shape (see above illustration). Unfold the paper, then glue the ends together to create the bow and stern.

To create the beak, fold the gold paper in half, draw a design similar to the one shown, and cut it out. Glue it to one end of the gondola. Draw a decorative line with glue on the side of the boat, and sprinkle the glue with glitter.

To make the gondola stand, fold a 2 x 8-inch strip of construction paper in half. Cut a notch in the center that is 1-inch wide at the top and 1-inch deep. Tape the ends together and set your gondola into the notch.

Now you're ready to sail away into the Venetian sunset!


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