Paper Games for Kids

Craft Stick Puzzles are some of the fun paper games you can learn to make.
Craft Stick Puzzles are some of the fun paper games you can learn to make.

If you're looking to entertain your family, paper games for kids are a great way to add new fun to your play time. These games are easy to prepare and inexpensive, providing hours of fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

On the following pages, you'll learn a number of innovative paper games that will hold anyone's attention.


Basketball Bead Toss

This game of skill is easy to construct and provides hours of fun. Find out how to make the Basketball Bead Toss.

Brokenhearted Puzzle

Send a valentine message that's both sweet and fun. Learn how to make this touching paper game.

Button Flip Game

Once you make this paper game, you'll have hours of fun perfecting your button flip. Get directions to make the Button Flip Game.

Craft Stick Puzzles

Get hours of fun and enjoyment out of old books when you turn them into Craft Stick Puzzles. Find out how to make them on this page.

Crazy Checkerboard

Spice up your checkers game when you make a colorful Crazy Checkerboard. Impress your friends with your funky design of this paper game.

Make a Tangram

This paper game is an ancient puzzle that's occupied great minds for thousands of years. Learn how to Make a Tangram.

Penny Spinner

This paper game is both fun to make and to watch. Get directions on how to make a colorful Penny Spinner on this page.

Pom-Pom Basketball

This paper game is so sophisticated that your friends will think you bought it in a store! Find out how to make Pom-Pom Basketball.

The Basketball Bead Toss is a great test of hand-eye coordination. Learn how to play this paper game on the next page.

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