How to Make Paper Fans

Far East Fan

Far East Fan
Far East Fan

Bring a part of the Orient to your house without having to leave the country by making a Far East fan.

What You'll Need:

6 regular craft sticks

Wrapping paper, 10-inch square

Satin cord, 12 inches

4 pony beads

Craft glue




Glue stick

How to Make a Far East Fan:

Step 1: Glue six craft sticks together at one end, spreading out the other ends to form a fan shape. Clamp them together with a clothespin to hold them in place while the glue sets.

Step 2: Fold a 10-inch-square piece of wrapping paper in half with patterned sides facing in. Place the glued craft sticks on top, and lightly trace around the top curve and three inches down the side of the outside edges.

Remove the sticks, and draw a bottom arc that follows the shape of the top. Cut out the shape, cutting through both halves of the folded paper.

Step 3: Use a glue stick to glue one piece of the fan-shaped paper to each side of the prepared craft sticks.

Step 4: Fold the satin cord in half, and tie a knot about two inches from the bottom. String four pony beads, threading them onto both ends of the cord at the same time. Tie another knot to hold the beads in place. Attach the hanging cord to the bottom of your fan with craft glue; let dry.

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