How to Make Paper Fans

Fan-Tastic Paper Fan

Fan-Tastic Paper Fan
Fan-Tastic Paper Fan

The next day you're feeling a little overheated, create your own gentle, cooling breeze with a fan-tastic paper fan.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper



Transparent tape or stapler and staples

Pastel chalks or markers

How to Make a Fan-Tastic Paper Fan:

Step 1: Cut a 6x12-inch piece of construction paper. Draw a picture on the paper using pastel chalks or markers. Draw pretty butterflies, yummy birthday cakes, or stars in a deep blue sky.

Step 2: Fold the paper back and forth in a fanfold. To start the fanfold, fold one end over about one inch. Turn the paper over and fold the end up. Continue folding the paper in accordion-like pleats.

Step 3: Staple or tape the folds together at one end to hold it in place. Make bigger fans to decorate your room.

Keep reading to learn how to make another perfect paper fan.

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