Box Crafts

Kids will enjoy making the crayon caddy box craft.
Kids will enjoy making the crayon caddy box craft.

Turn ordinary boxes into fun and practical items with the box crafts for kids. From a cool crayon caddy to a set of perfect-fit nesting boxes, you and your kids will love making and using these box craft projects.

Have old sandwich bag boxes, detergent boxes, or shoe boxes on hand? Don't throw them out -- you can use them to make some of the box craft projects below. Add personal touches with glitter, embellishments, or anything you can imagine. The sky is the limit.


Explore the links below to get started on these great box crafts:

Bookworm Box Craft

Chalk Box Craft

Kids can color all over this box, wipe it off, then color all over it again. Learn how to make this simple -- but fun -- box craft.

Collaged Storage Box Craft

Use a decoupage technique to turn an unlikely item -- a detergent box -- into a colorful, sparkled treasure box.

Crayon Caddy Box Craft

This box craft project is so easy to do, you can make one for every kid in your family. In just a few steps, transform a sandwich storage bag box into the perfect place for crayons.

Mystery Boxes Box Craft

This box craft is also a fun kids' activity. Kids make a game out of figuring out which nature items are inside a decorated mystery box.

Nesting Boxes Box Craft

For a perfect fit, check out these nesting boxes. Learn how to make these lovely, practical boxes in just a few simple steps.

Telephone Time Box Craft

This variation on tin can telephones is just as fun as the original. Kids will have fun making and playing with this box craft project.

Tooth Fairy Box Craft

The tooth fairy would be delighted to find this lovely decorated box holding a tooth inside. Learn how to make it in just a few steps.

Your favorite book lover will love the box craft project in the next section. Keep reading to learn how to make the bookworm box craft.

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