Wood Crafts

Play Furniture

Your kids can create their very own home with play furniture made from blocks of wood. Work with them to craft a couch, chair, table, television, and clock.

Then put their interior design skills to work. Kids might put a television in the bathroom, a fridge in their bedroom -- encourage them to use their imagination!

What You'll Need:

  • Colored or natural blocks of wood
  • Wood glue
  • Permanent markers
  • Fabric scraps

How to Make Play Furniture:

Step 1: To make a couch, glue 3 blocks of wood together, side by side. Then glue 3 blocks of wood upright behind the first 3 blocks. Add a block of wood to each end for the arms of the couch.

Step 2: To make a chair, glue 2 blocks together in an L-shape. Draw a fabric pattern on the couch and chair.

Step 3: Make a table with 2 blocks of wood glued together in a T-shape.

Step 4: For the clock and television, draw the clock face and the television screen and dials on the wood blocks. Use fabric scraps for a rug and a tablecloth.

Are your kids growing up before your very eyes? Keep track of their height with a Measure Me Strip in the next section.

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