How to Make Padded Clothes Hangers

Regular hangers are stiff and can cause creases and even tears at the edges of garments. Protect your special clothes by hanging them on padded hangers. Follow these instructions and you'll learn how to make padded clothes hangers.



  • Polyester or poly/cotton batting
  • 100 percent cotton muslin
  • Cotton twill tape
  • Colorfast thread
  • A sturdy hanger
  • A piece of paper larger than the hanger
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Here's what to do:

  1. Cut a piece of batting at least 5-inches (12.7-centimeters) wide and long enough to extend pasts the ends of the hanger.
  2. Cut a small hole in the center of the 5-inch-wide batting and slip the hanger hook through. Drape the batting over the hanger.
  3. Wrap additional batting around the hanger going from one end to the other and back again until you have a nice thick padding on your hanger. Try to keep the padding smooth, with no lumps or ends sticking out.
  4. Lay your batting-covered hanger on the paper. Trace a pattern of the hanger on the paper, squaring off the bottom edge. Cut out the pattern.
  5. Fold the muslin in half, and pin the edges together.
  6. Trace the hanger pattern on the muslin.
  7. Cut out the pattern.
  8. Sew the top of the two pieces of muslin together, leaving a small hole for the hook of the hanger to slide through.
  9. Turn the muslin inside-in, so the seam is on the inside. Slide the muslin over the hanger.
  10. Tape the bottom of muslin together with a thin strip of cotton tape. This will hold the muslin in place. You now have a padded hanger [Source: NPS, Minnesota Historical Society].