How to Host a Pinterest Crafting Party

Pinterest Crafting Party: Food & Party Favors

Like any good hostess knows, no party is complete without food and beverages. A fun girls' night is always nicely executed with a bottle of wine or Champagne to sip and share. And fortunately, Pinterest has a ton of recipes as well as crafts, so if you want to really keep in the spirit of a Pinterest party, select your recipes from the site and create a pinboard of your options.

Depending on what kind of party it is, you can elect to make all the food and have your guests bring the bevvies, or ask some of the invitees if they'd like to pitch in on recipes. You can even make it a theme night if your craft of choice fits the bill. For example, if your project is a mosaic table using talavera tile, Margaritas and tacos would be excellent companions to this Mexican-themed craft. Also, look to the craft of the night for ideas for party favors. You could give a tool that guests may need for the craft and may not have, like a certain hole punch or type of scissors. Or maybe gift them a way to display the craft once they're finished, like a stand or some wire for a framed work of art. Imagination is the name of the game, so think outside the box. And if you can't come up with anything clever, just look on Pinterest.

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