Easy Water Activities for Kids

Liquid Melodies is a terrific easy water activity for kids.
Liquid Melodies is a terrific easy water activity for kids.
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Easy water activities for kids are a splash -- kids will agree. What makes them so easy is that you probably won't have to buy special materials to do them.

There's a lot to learn about water. So get kids started melting, magnifying, even singing with water on their path to knowledge about everything liquid.

For all the activities you can do with liquids, just follow these links:

Bottled Waves

Put the sea in a bottle in this easy kids' activity.

Water Magnifier

Water and glass have something in common in this water activity. Learn what it is.

Water in Three States

Solid, liquid, or gas? This easy water activity has all three. Read on to find out more.

Sticky Water Tension

How come liquid doesn't overflow a glass easily? Do this kids' activity to find out.

Liquid Layers

See which floats to the top when you pit oil against water.

Slow Melt

Watch an ice cube melt in slow motion in this easy activity.

Liquid Melodies

In this kids' activity, learn how water turns into an instrument.

Cloud in a Bottle

Don't hold your breath if you want to make a cloud in a bottle. Keep reading to learn more.

Feeling Pressured?

This easy water activity shows the powerful force of air pressure. Find out how.

Make your own contained ocean in the easy water activity on the next page.

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