Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

Count Me In Nature Group

Try the Count Me In Nature Group! In this easy volunteer activity, start a nature group of your own. There are many organizations that exist to help take care of nature. Take their cue with your own start-up in "Count Me In Nature Group."

What You'll Need:

  • Group of friends

How to Do Count Me In Nature Group:

Some nature organizations focus on animals, while others turn their attention to saving the rain forests or mountains. Get a group of friends together to start your own organization.

Ask a librarian about the different nature organizations. You may want to write to several groups and ask them to send you information about what they do. The organization will also tell you about things you can do to help nature. Then you can choose a focus for your nature group.

Once your organization is formed, get together once a week or once a month to do things that will help you learn about and assist nature. You can even design a nature newsletter to keep everyone in your neighborhood informed.

It's time to clean up the neighborhood in the next easy activity.

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