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Easy Volunteer Activities for Kids

Neighborhood Theme Walks

Try the Neighborhood Theme Walks easy volunteer activity.
Try the Neighborhood Theme Walks easy volunteer activity.
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In the Neighborhood Theme Walks activity, take a walk with your family and keep your eyes open for something special! Raise neighborhood awareness that could lead to volunteer opportunities in this easy kids' activity.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Colored Paper
  • Coin to flip

How to Do Neighborhood Theme Walks:

Family theme walks are fun. They're a good way to provide the exercise that everyone needs, and a great way to get to know your neighborhood.


However, when you walk, there are safety rules to remember. Make sure to stay on the sidewalk or shoulder and don't walk in the street. Be sure you walk on the left-hand side of the road whenever you can, so that you face traffic.

Finally, cross the street only at street corners. Always look both ways and make sure it is safe to cross.

Before you go, decide what theme to use. Here are some ideas:

Firsts: Look for the first daffodil of spring, the first rose of summer, the first barbecue cookout on the block.

Tally It Up: Tally the houses on your block and see what color is most popular. Do the same with cars. What else can you tally?

Alphabet Walks: Look for and name anything you see beginning with a certain letter.

Color Walks: Look for (and name) anything you see of a particular color. Or give each person a card cut from colored paper and have them try to find something that matches it exactly.

Coin-Flip Walk: At every street corner, flip a coin. If it turns up heads, turn right. If it's tails, turn left. See where you end up after a certain length of time, then reverse your direction and head home.

Now that you've seen it, take time to beautify the neighborhood in the next easy volunteer activity.

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