10 Simple Ideas for Casual Crafters

Clothespin People

If you want to get your children involved in some casual crafting, there's no better place to start than with the classic clothespin people. Anyone who has ever been to summer camp can agree that this project is simple and fun for kids. Any kind of clothespin will work, but the old-style wooden pins without the hinge work best. Gather up some yarn, fabric and googly eyes, along with some glue and your clothespins. The round head of the pin is obviously the head, and the split body of the pin serves as the torso and legs. Use yarn for hair, fabrics as pieces of clothing, and the all-important googly eyes to finish everything off. When you and your kids are finished, attach magnets to the back of each clothespin person so they can live on your refrigerator or you can make them into ornaments for your Christmas tree.