Memorial Day Crafts

Traditional Tattoos

This Memorial Day, show your true colors with these patriotic traditional tattoos. Kids will love to create and wear this Memorial Day craft -- parents will love how easily the tattoos wash off!

What You'll Need:

Water-based face paints

Small paintbrushes

Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who died while fighting for our country's freedom. We often place flowers at the graves of soldiers on this day. Make a hand-painted tattoo to show your support for those who died in battle.

Many soldiers got tattoos when they were fighting far from home to remind them of their dedication to their country and the people back home who were missed.

Maybe you would like to paint on a flower tattoo in memory of a relative who died in battle. Or perhaps you would like to paint a tattoo of the American flag or a bald eagle to show your patriotism.

Wear your tattoos to a Memorial Day picnic or parade, and show them off with pride.

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