Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activities

Paper Peace Doves

Paper Peace Plane Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activity
Paper Peace Plane Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activity

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, make a flock of paper peace doves! This activity will help your friends and family remember the importance of peace.

What You'll Need:

White paper


Black marker

Fold an 8x11-inch piece of white paper in half lengthwise. Draw the side-view of a dove with its wing raised in the air. Make sure the belly of the dove is on the crease of the folded paper. Cut off the extra paper around the outline of the dove and its wing. Fold each wing down to make an airplane shape.

You can write a peaceful message or quote from Martin Luther King Jr. inside the dove, such as "I Have a Dream." Then, let peace fly!

Dr. King is most famous for his "I Have a Dream" speech. Working toward a dream is important for all of us. Learn how to create your own dream scroll on the next page.

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