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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Activities

Freedom March Game

A great activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day is playing the Freedom March Game. Learn the facts of Dr. King's life as you create and then play the game.

Use research books, including the encyclopedia, or the Internet to learn facts about Dr. King and his life. Gather your friends for a fun game that will help you understand more about Martin Luther King Jr.


What You'll Need:

Research materials

Long pieces of poster board



One die


Tape long pieces of poster board together, and draw a winding road with 15 to 20 squares on it. Mark the first square with the word "Start" and information about Dr. King's birthplace and birth date. The rest of the squares should have either "Open Door" or "Closed Door" written in them. The last square is marked "Freedom."

The Open Door squares should also be marked with different successes that Dr. King enjoyed in his fight for freedom, such as "Supreme Court declared segregation on buses unconstitutional."

The Closed Doors should be marked with setbacks, such as "Dr. King's home bombed."

When all the squares are marked, you are ready to play. Use the buttons to mark your place on the board.

Take turns tossing the die and moving your buttons the number of squares shown on the die. If you land on an "Open Door," you stay there. If you land on a Closed Door, you must go back to Start. The first person to reach "Freedom" wins the game.

Dr. King was a peaceful man, and peace is often symbolized by doves. Find out how you can create your own peace doves. Read about it on the next page.

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