Labor Day Activities for Kids

Labor Day Whistler

You'll be surprised how fast your chores get done on Labor Day once you start whistling or singing while you work!

Lots of people sing or whistle while they work to make the time go faster. Workers in the fields used to set up a steady rhythm and sing about the jobs they were doing.

You can set up your own chant or "field holler" to sing while you work by first deciding on a beat. You might want to use a One, Two, One-Two-Three rhythm or maybe use a simple sing-song One-and-Two- and-Three- and-Four.

If you are cleaning a room with a friend, sing about the tasks that you both are doing, such as: "You are dusting and I will sweep, getting rid of dirt we sure won't keep! I will wash the windows today, and you will throw all the trash away!"

You can make up three or four different verses and repeat them over and over, changing the melody or volume every couple of verses. Try whispering the lyrics or harmonizing. Before you know it, your chores will be over -- but you'll still be singing!

Labor Day is about taking time off of work to have a little fun. Continue to the next page to learn how to play a fall-inspired game that ends with a delicious snack!

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