Labor Day Activities for Kids

Labor Day celebrates the hardworking men and women of America.
Labor Day celebrates the hardworking men and women of America.

Labor Day first began in the 1880s as a day off for the hardworking men and women of America. Today Labor Day continues to celebrate the efforts of the working person on every first Monday of September.

In this article you'll find ways to celebrate Labor Day with fun activities and games. Check out the following pages for more on Labor Day Fun!

'Good Work' Sign

Create a 'Good Work' Sign for the hardest working person you know. Show them just how much you appreciate all their efforts.

Labor Day Whistler

If you're the one working over time, find out why whistling while you work just might make the chore go faster.

Apple Walk Game

Put a little labor into this team game and you'll be rewarded with something delicious to snack on.

A little hard work never hurt anyone, and a little encouragement can help boost moral even more. Learn how to motivate someone you know by making him or her a 'Good Work' sign.

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"Good Work" Sign

Create a Labor Day "Good Work" sign to inspire your hardest worker.
Create a Labor Day "Good Work" sign to inspire your hardest worker.

On Labor Day, remind your favorite worker of the good work they've done!

­What You'll Need:

Embroidery canvas

Different-colored raffia

Wool needle



Thin cardboard


­ Write the words "Good Work" on a piece of embroidery canvas. You can add other simple line drawings if you wish, such as stars to show that a job has been done well.

Then sew the words and pictures with different colored strands of raffia. Use long stitches for straight lines and small stitches for going around curves, such as for letters in the word "Good."

Cut a piece of thin cardboard into a frame shape, and glue it over your canvas so it frames your artwork. Glue another piece of cardboard to the back. When dry, give the sign to your favorite worker to hang in his or her workplace.

A great way to motivate yourself while making crafts is to whistle while you work! Find out how a little whistling on Labor Day can make the day more enjoyable.

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Labor Day Whistler

You'll be surprised how fast your chores get done on Labor Day once you start whistling or singing while you work!

Lots of people sing or whistle while they work to make the time go faster. Workers in the fields used to set up a steady rhythm and sing about the jobs they were doing.

You can set up your own chant or "field holler" to sing while you work by first deciding on a beat. You might want to use a One, Two, One-Two-Three rhythm or maybe use a simple sing-song One-and-Two- and-Three- and-Four.

If you are cleaning a room with a friend, sing about the tasks that you both are doing, such as: "You are dusting and I will sweep, getting rid of dirt we sure won't keep! I will wash the windows today, and you will throw all the trash away!"

You can make up three or four different verses and repeat them over and over, changing the melody or volume every couple of verses. Try whispering the lyrics or harmonizing. Before you know it, your chores will be over -- but you'll still be singing!

Labor Day is about taking time off of work to have a little fun. Continue to the next page to learn how to play a fall-inspired game that ends with a delicious snack!

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Apple Walk Game

Apples are not just for eating with this Labor Day activity for kids. Check out how to play the Apple Walk game, a relay race that will have you working up an appetite!

What You'll Need:


2 large empty buckets

This is a relay race for 2 teams. For each team, set an empty bucket 20 feet away from the players. The first player on each team puts an apple between his or her knees, runs or walks to the bucket, and drops it in.

The first player then picks up the apple and runs back to hand it to the next player. That player must do the same thing the first player did, and so on until everyone has had a turn. The first team to finish wins the game. Make sure you have plenty of apples to snack on -- after all that hard labor, you're bound to be hungry!

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