Kwanzaa Crafts

Kwanzaa Candle Surprise

Kwanzaa Candle Surprise Kwanzaa Craft
Kwanzaa Candle Surprise Kwanzaa Craft

The Kwanzaa candle surprise is made with pretend candles in red, green, and black that are filled with little secrets. They make a great holiday craft project for kids and grownups.

Adult Help Needed

What You'll Need:

Paper towel tubes (1 tube will make 2 candles)


Craft glue

Black, red, and green construction paper, orange or yellow tissue paper


Individually wrapped candy

Nuts in the shell

Small prizes

Cut each tube in half (ask an adult for help with the cutting.) Then glue a piece of black, green, or red construction paper to each tube.

Cut a 10-inch square of tissue paper, and place candy, nuts, and a small prize in the middle of the square. Gather the tissue paper up around the prize, and push the wrapped candy and prize into the tube so the ends of the tissue stick out like a candle flame.

For party favors, make one for each person at your table. You could also write each person's name on a candle and use them for name cards for dinner.

Tie-dyeing is a traditional African craft. The next project teaches you how to make unique napkins using this method.

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