Friendship Day Activities

Toss-and-Catch Game

Toss-and-Catch Game Friendship Day Activity
Toss-and-Catch Game Friendship Day Activity

Celebrate Friendship Day by playing a toss-and-catch game with a friend -- or a group of friends. As you'll see, there are different ways you can play this game, but the result is always the same: friends having fun together.

What You'll Need:

Two disposable wooden paint paddles



Two paper cups



Tissue paper or Ping-Pong ball

For each player, paint a disposable wooden paint paddle with bright colors and designs. You can write a special friendship message on one side, such as "I'll always be there to catch you when you fall!"

Then glue the bottom of a paper cup to the end of each paddle. Let this dry for at least an hour. Crumple tissue paper into a ball or use a Ping-Pong ball.

Take your toss-and-catch game outside or where there's lots of room. Put the ball into one of the paper cups and fling it lightly so your friend can catch it in her or his paper cup. Start close together, and take a step back each time the ball is caught.

Get a group of friends together and play in a circle. Or four players can form a cross and play two games at once, trying not to let the two balls hit each other.

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