Epiphany Activities

Three Tiny Kings

Make Three Kings for your Epiphany celebration.
Make Three Kings for your Epiphany celebration.

Make your own Wise Men "statues" for your Epiphany celebrations. These three tiny kings are no bigger than a thumb!

What You'll Need:

Three empty nail polish bottles with tops

Felt scraps in assorted colors



Ribbons and trim scraps

Cotton balls

Gold paint


Fine-tipped markers

See if you can find three different nail polish bottles to make your kings. Make sure they are either empty or that no one will mind if they are turned into little kings!

Glue layers of felt onto the body of each bottle to make the kings' robes. Use different colors for each king. Glue ribbons and other trim to the robes to make each one fancy.

Pull a thin strip of cotton from a cotton ball, and glue it to the top of the robe to make a fur collar for each king. Paint each bottle top with gold paint.

Let paint dry. Cut a small circle of felt to make a face for each king. Draw eyes, nose, mouth, and hair with markers. Glue each face to the bottle, above the fur collar. Try to make each king look wise!

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