Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Mobile
Halloween Mobile
Halloween Mobile

This Halloween mobile will haunt whatever room you hang it in.

What You'll Need:

Foam sheet: 5×5 inches yellow; 3×6 inches orange; 3×7 inches white; 5×5 inches black

Fine-point opaque paint markers: black, brown

Wiggle eyes: eighteen 12mm; four 5mm

58-inch length of black satin ribbon, 1/8-inch wide

1/4-inch black pom

Download and print this pattern, then trace and cut the following shapes from foam: one moon in yellow; two pumpkins in orange; two skulls in white; one bat, one cat head, and one set of cat paws in black. Use the paper punch to make holes in the foam shapes in the places indicated on the patterns.

Trace foam shapes from the pattern you downloaded.

Decorate both sides of the pumpkins by drawing lines with the brown marker and faces with the black marker; let dry. Draw faces on both sides of the skulls with the black marker; let dry. Glue two 5mm eyes on both sides of the bat. Glue two 12mm eyes on both sides of the pumpkins and skulls.

Cut a 12-inch length of ribbon. Insert one end of the ribbon 1-1/2 inches into the single hole at the top of the moon. Tie a double knot in the ribbon to securely attach it to the moon. Trim the short end of the ribbon close to the knot.

Position and glue the cat head on the back upper side of the moon. Position and glue the cat paws on the front of the moon, with the right paw covering the ribbon hanger. Glue the black pom nose on the cat head so that it slightly overlaps the edge of the moon, and glue two 12mm eyes to the cat head.

Attach the cat to the moon.

Cut the remaining ribbon into the following lengths, and use double knots to tie one end of each length to a foam shape and the other end to a hole at the bottom of the moon: a six-inch length for one pumpkin; a 9-inch length for one skull; a 13-inch length for the bat; an 11-inch length for one pumpkin; a seven-inch length for one skull. Trim the ends of each length of ribbon close to the knots.

Attach the shapes to the moon.

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