Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Monster Magnet
Make your monster magnet extra colorful.
Make your monster magnet extra colorful.

Say "boo!" with these Halloween surprises -- monster magnets you can put anywhere in your house.

What You'll Need:

Wood cutouts: one large square, two large rectangles, one small rectangle (adult help needed)

Acrylic paint: green, purple, orange


Permanent markers: black, white

Super strength glue

Wire cutters


18-gauge black plastic-coated wire

Adhesive-back magnetic strip

Paint the wood cutouts the following colors: large square green, large rectangles purple, small rectangle orange. Let dry.

Paint about 1/2-inch of one end of the purple rectangles green (don't worry about making this perfect -- the paint edge can be jagged). Add small polka dots to the purple rectangles with orange paint.

Outline the green square and the purple rectangles with black permanent marker. Glue the orange rectangle to the center of the green square for the nose. Draw eyes with black marker; add pupils with white marker. Add eyebrows and a mouth with black.

Your monster magnet comes to life with

Glue the two purple rectangles to the bottom two corners of the square for arms. Ask an adult to cut three 1-inch lengths of wire. Bend each piece in half, and glue them to the top back of the head.

Make your monster magnet a hair-raising

Add a strip of adhesive-back magnet to the back, and hang on your fridge for a monster of a good time!

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