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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Ornaments

Scare up a few of these recycled Halloween ornaments and start a new family tradition -- Halloween trees!

What You'll Need:

White plastic bags




Black yarn

Black permanent marker

Orange fabric

Old tennis ball

Here are some ideas for rainproof ornaments made with recyclables.

To make a ghost, cut a 10- to 12-inch circle from a white plastic bag. Poke a tiny hole in the center.

Crumple up a piece of newspaper into a tight ball. Tie black yarn around the ball, and pull the yarn through the hole in the plastic circle for the ornament hanger.

Tie another piece of yarn around the plastic under the newspaper ball. Draw a ghost's face on the bag.

To make a pumpkin, cut a circle from orange fabric. Wrap it around an old tennis ball, and tie it closed with yarn. Draw a face on the fabric.

Create as many ornaments as you can dream up, and hang them on a Halloween tree.

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