April Fools Day Crafts

April Fool's Can

Create a coffee can that moves this April Fool's Day.
Create a coffee can that moves this April Fool's Day.

Take some time to make this tricky April Fool's can on your own, then show the trick to your parents and friends. The fun April Fool's Day craft will amaze and delight your audience.

What You'll Need:

Can opener

1-pound coffee can (empty)

Two plastic coffee can lids


Large medium-weight rubber band

2-ounce fishing sinker

Use the can opener to remove both ends of the can. Lay the plastic lids on top of each other.

Punch two holes about 1-inch apart through both of the lids. Put one lid on the can.

Cut the rubber band. Thread the ends through the holes in the lid. Slip the fishing weight on one of the pieces of rubber band inside the can.

Thread the rubber band ends through the holes on the other plastic lid, and tie the ends of the rubber band together.

Put the lid on the can. When you push the can, it will roll across the floor -- then it will stop and roll back!

You may have to experiment with the tension of the rubber band. It should not be so loose that the weight touches the side of the can or so tight that the weight cannot flip around and 'wind up' the toy.

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