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April Fools Day Crafts

Silly Party

Make your April Fool's Day party extra fun with these tricky invitations.
Make your April Fool's Day party extra fun with these tricky invitations.

From creating innovative invitations to choosing a funny dress code, a Silly Party is a fun way to celebrate April Fool's Day and try out some April Fool's Day crafts.

What You'll Need:




Apple juice

Green food coloring

Old magazines


Construction paper


Invite all your friends to act the fool at this silly party. You can make invitations by looking in a mirror and writing everything backward. (You might want to write a hint in regular writing that lets your guests know that they need a mirror to read their invitations.)

Ask everyone to wear funny outfits, like a striped shirt with polka-dotted or plaid pants, mismatched socks, and a funny hat.

When they ring the front doorbell, walk backward and greet them by saying "Goodbye" instead of "Hello." Ask everyone to do the same.

Serve your guests inside-out sandwiches (a cracker between two pieces of cheese) and bug juice (apple juice with green food coloring).

Have a box full of pictures of people and animals that you have cut out of magazines and have cut in half. Invite your guests to make wacky creatures from the pictures. They should glue the creatures onto construction paper.

Later, you can use these wacky creatures as prizes for a silly stunt contest. To hold the contest, ask guests to do silly things, such as walk backward on their knees while holding their ankles behind them or balance a penny on their noses while walking across the room. Make up lots of silly stunts; it's a great day to be foolish.

Continue the fun at your April Fool's Day party with a balloon trick that will have you rolling around in laughter.

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