How to Make Beaded Zipper Pulls

Buddy Bead Tags Zipper Pulls
How many buddy bead tags can you collect?
How many buddy bead tags can you collect?

These beaded beauties are fun for you and your friends to make together and trade. Start by making a buddy bead tag zipper pull with your name on it -- then think of all the other messages you can create. Collect a whole rainbow of tags, then attach them to bookbags, jackets, and more!

What You'll Need:

12 inches stretchy beading cord

7mm silver jump rings

Pony beads in red, blue, green, white, orange, and yellow

Alphabet beads

Lanyard hook

Six silver stem beaders, 2 inches long


Needle-nose pliers

What To Do:

1. Tie the center of the 12-inch piece of stretchy beading cord to a jump ring.

Curl up the ends of the wire so the beads stay put.

2. String six colored pony beads onto the beading cord, any colors you like.

Use the alphabet beads to add your name, then string on six more colored pony beads. Tie the last pony bead to the cord to secure, and trim the end.

3. Thread nine colored pony beads onto the other half of the cord. Tie the last bead to the cord to secure, and trim the end.

Then slip the jump ring with your name and bead pattern onto a lanyard hook.

4. To make the buddy bead tags you can trade and swap, thread 10 of the same-color pony beads onto a stem beader (or create your own pattern).

Curl up the end of each stem with the needle-nose pliers, securing the beads to the wire. You should end up with six beaded stem beaders.

5. Now that you've made your buddy bead tags, trade them with your friends! For example, give blue tags to the friends you've made at school, and ask your special pals around the neighborhood for orange tags.

Use a jump ring to attach your Buddy Bead Tags to the lanyard hook with your name and bead pattern, then put them on your jacket, backpack, shoes -- or wherever you'd like!

Keep tags for trading on a separate ring for easy access.

This next zipper pull for you to make is a classic, and it will put all of your craft skills to the test. Learn what you need to know on the next page.

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