How to Make Beaded Key Chains

Heartbreaker Key Chain
Two knots will get your key chain started.
Two knots will get your key chain started.

Make this beaded key chain for the special ladies in your life and they're sure to LOVE it -- whether they're all heart or heartbreakers! Our easy, illustrated steps make creating this craft a snap.

What You'll Need

  • 4 feet of white plastic lanyard
  • 24mm split ring
  • Beads: 18 white pony, 16 pink pony, 13 pink glitter pony, 2 pink heart-shaped pony
  • Nail clippers

What to Do

1. Make a lark's head knot by folding the lanyard in half and slipping the looped end through the split ring. Pull the cut ends up through the loop and pull tight. Then tie an overhand knot about 1/2 to 1 inch from the lark's head knot.

2. String a white bead onto the left strand and slide it all the way up to the knot. Weave the right strand through the bead from right to left. To make the heart's upper arches, weave a "sidepath" by stringing beads 1 through 4 on the right strand. Leave a little space between the beads, and weave back through beads 1 and 2. Pull tightly as you weave back, allowing the beads to curve as shown below. Repeat to make a sidepath with the left strand. Add a white bead on the end of each sidepath before you move on to the next row.

Pull the lanyard tight to make the heart's curves.

3. String beads onto the left strand in the following order: one white, two pink, one pink glitter, one pink, one pink glitter, two pink, and one white. Weave the right strand through the same beads from right to left. Repeat this basic bead-weaving technique for the remaining rows, using the bead diagram below for reference.

Follow this pattern to give your heart a glittery center.

4. Finish by tying both cord ends together in an overhand knot. To do this, twist both lanyard ends into a loop and then pull the free ends through the loop. Tie a second overhand knot on each cord about 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the first knot. String a heart pony bead and a glitter bead on each cord, and finish each with another overhand knot. Trim the excess cord with the nail clippers, leaving 1/2-inch tails.

Finish your key chain with a saucy flourish.

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