How to Make Beaded Key Chains

High-Flying Kite Key Chain
Easy-to-make kite-shaped beaded key chain
Easy-to-make kite-shaped beaded key chain

This high-flying kite key chain is not only fun, it will make your keys a snap to find. Best of all, this craft is easy to make when you follow our step-by-step illustrated instructions.

What You'll Need

  • 6-foot length transparent blue lanyard
  • 24mm split ring
  • Baby pony beads: 44 light blue,14 yellow, 9 red
  • Nail clippers

What To Do

1. Fold the lanyard in half, and slip the looped end through the split ring. Pull the cut ends up through the loop and pull tight.

Start your kite beaded key chain by looping lanyard around the ring.

2. String a light blue bead onto the left strand and slide it all the way up. Weave the right strand through the bead from right to left. Now slide 3 light blue beads onto the left strand. Weave the right strand through the beads from right to left.

Can you see the kite shape being to take?

3. Keep stringing and weaving in this manner, following the pattern in the picture below. Be sure to pull the cords firmly and to keep the lanyard flat as you weave each row.

Follow this guide to create your kite key chain.

4. Finish the body of the kite by tying both lanyard ends in an overhand knot. To do this, twist both lanyard ends into a loop and then pull the free ends through the loop.

5. Tie a second overhand knot about 1/2 inch from the first, then string 1 red bead on each strand of lanyard followed by another overhand knot -- this creates the "bows" that weight the tail of the kite. Repeat this process to make 2 more bows with yellow and light blue beads.

6. Use nail clippers to trim the excess lanyard, leaving a 1/2-inch tail.

Still have more keys to corral? On the next page you'll get all the information you need to create a cool lanyard-style key chain.

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