Turtle Crafts

Turtle Tails

After decorating your boxes, play the turtle tails game.
After decorating your boxes, play the turtle tails game.

When you're playing turtle tails, don't pull your head in and hide. Make believe you're a turtle for a box full of fun!

What You'll Need:

Green colored paper

Masking tape

Oversize cardboard boxes

Tempera or watercolor paints


If you'd like, decorate the outside of the cardboard boxes to look like turtle shells. Make long strips of green paper to resemble turtle tails. Use tape to fasten the paper tail to your pants, and crawl inside the cardboard shell.

As you wander around the room on all fours wearing your turtle goods, try to snag the other players' paper tails. The last turtle left with a paper tail of their own wins the game. But remember, no dropping your shell to make tail snagging easier, or you're out of the game.

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