Turtle Crafts

The balloon turtle is just one of our turtle crafts.
The balloon turtle is just one of our turtle crafts.

Whether or not you've got a turtle at home, you can still have fun with turtles when you participate in our turtle crafts.

Turtles are some of the oldest reptiles living on the planet. In fact, some turtle species have been around for 200 million years. There are turtles that live both on the land and in the sea, and they are famous for their hard shells.

Balloon Turtle

Learn how to create your very own turtle out of a balloon and objects you'll find around the house. Have fun painting your turtle in your own design.

Terrific Turtles

Find out how to make your own little turtle friends out of rocks from your yard. Get creative when you decorate these little turtles.

Turtle Tails

This turtle craft ends in a really fun game that's great for sleep-overs and birthday parties. Get ready to have a good time!

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