Spider Activities

Preserve a Spiderweb

Press the paper on the web.
Press the paper on the web.

The spider is truly one of nature's great artists. Our second spider activity teaches you to preserve a spiderweb.

How to Preserve a Spiderweb

What You'll Need:

Empty spiderweb

Talcum powder

Black construction paper

Hair spray

To do this project, you'll need to find a spiderweb that isn't occupied. To find out if there's a spider in the web, tap it very lightly. If a spider is in the web, it will move and you'll see it. If the web is someone's home, find another web to preserve.

When you find an empty web, sprinkle talcum powder all over it to make it easier to see.

Then, ask an adult to help you spray hair spray on a piece of black construction paper. While the spray is still wet, bring the paper up against into the web so that the web sticks to the paper.

You've just preserved one of nature's great works of art.

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