Snail Activities

Snail Shelters

Snails prefer to live in cool, dark places.
Snails prefer to live in cool, dark places.

Find out about how snails live by observing them first-hand when you build a snail shelter.

How to Make a Snail Shelter

What You'll Need:

Garden with snails

Unglazed clay flower pot


Small rock

Acrylic paint

Small paintbrush

If you have snails in your garden, try this experiment. Soak an unglazed clay flower pot in water and put it upside-down in the garden -- preferably in thick foliage where snails may be present. Prop one side up with a small rock so that snails can get inside. Leave overnight.

Check the pot the next day to see if snails are inside. They like cool, moist, dark hiding places.

If the pot has six or more snails, mark each with a small dot of the acrylic paint on the shell. Look in the pot the next day. How many marked snails returned? Are there new ones?

Now that you've seen how snails live at home, learn how to identify and follow their tracks on the next page.

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