Snail Activities

Snails move slowly, which makes them easy to observe.
Snails move slowly, which makes them easy to observe.

They may not be the fastest creatures on the planet, but snails are a fascinating species to study in nature. Whether you are on a camping trip, in a city park, or in the comfort of your own backyard, here are several fun snail activities for kids to teach you about this interesting animal.

Did you know that a snail has only one foot? Or that it has no bones at all? You'll learn much more about snails when you plan and play using the activities on the following pages.

Snail Locomotion

Find out how to observe exactly how snails move by making your own observation stand. See details of a snail's anatomy that will surprise you.

Snail Shelters

Build a home for snails so that you can observe how they live. Learn about their living habits, and watch the snails congregate.

Making Tracks

Create a work of art with the help of a snail. Learn how to turn snail tracks into a picture that's worthy of the refrigerator.

Ready to begin a snail activity? Get directions on great ways to observe snail locomotion on the next page.

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