Octopus Crafts

An octopus is well known for its eight legs, but did you know that it has three hearts? It also has an entirely soft body -- there's no skeleton! -- which is how it is able to squeeze through narrow spaces between rocks underwater, protecting itself from predators.

Another way it protects itself is by shooting a thick, dark cloud of "ink." It's not real ink, of course; it's a chemical (called melanin) that's similar to the one that gives humans their skin and hair color. But the octopus' ink doesn't just cloud the water; it also dulls its predators' sense of smell -- this is particularly helpful when an octopus is trying to avoid becoming dinner for a shark.

Octopus Balloon Animal

An easy balloon animal to make, this octopus craft is lots of fun!

Silly Sea Creatures

These whimsical ocean animals are an exciting and creative paper craft.

Keep reading to learn how to make an octopus balloon animal.

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