Moth Activities

You may think of a moth as just another annoying bug, but taking a closer look at moths can be very interesting, and yield wonder activities for kids. A moth is related to the butterfly, and some are just as pretty. Unlike butterflies, however, most moths are nocturnal -- that means they're most active at night (a fact you may already know if you've ever looked up a street light on a summer night).

Some moths are considered pests because their larvae eat clothing or blankets made of wool. Other moths can cause damage to trees. Some, though, are common moths -- the kind that you find flying around your porch light.

All moths start out as caterpillars. As unusual as it seems to us, the caterpillar of a particular moth is used as a source of food in Africa.

Moth behavior can be fascinating. Follow the links to learn more.

Moth Navigation

Find out why moths are attracted to street lights or candle flames.

Moth Watching

Learn more about this interesting creature by watching up close and personal.

Why do moths fly toward the light? It's due to their navigation system. Keep reading to learn all about it.

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