Moose Activities

Moose Balloon Animal for Kids
Here's a moose that can fit in your room.
Here's a moose that can fit in your room.

Creating a moose balloon animal takes a little time and practice, but half the fun is in trying. The balloons used for this project can be purchased at toy stores, discount stores, or magic stores. Be sure to read through all the instructions for the project before you begin, and check out the photos, too -- that sometimes makes it easier to learn. When you're ready, pick up your balloons and have fun!

Hints: Using a pump to inflate balloons is a lot easier and faster than using your own breath. Give the balloon a few good stretches before inflating -- that makes it easier to inflate.

How to Make a Moose Balloon Animal

1. Inflate a balloon, leaving a 5-inch tail.

2. Pinch and twist a 2-inch bubble, followed by three 1-inch bubbles, followed by a 3-inch bubble.

3. Fold the 3-inch bubble over the first bubble and twist-lock (that means you twist together two or more twisted sections).

4. Pinch and twist three 1-inch bubbles and a 3-inch bubble.

Pinch and twist the bubbles -- can you see the moose in there yet?

5. Fold the 3-inch bubble back to the first twist-lock junction, as shown, and twist-lock.

6. Pinch and twist three 2-inch bubbles.

7. Hold the second two bubbles together and twist-lock.

8. Pinch and twist a 3-inch bubble and two 2-inch bubbles.

9. Hold the two 2-inch bubbles together and twist-lock.

"Twist-lock" is the term for twisting two sections together.

Now that you've made a balloon moose, maybe you'd like to see what it feels like to actually be a moose. Keep reading to find out how.

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