Fish Activities

Shining a flashlight underwater at night helps you to view fish better.
Shining a flashlight underwater at night helps you to view fish better.

Fish activities for kids are a perfect way for kids to interact with animals from the sea without getting too wet. Observing these underwater creatures is no small feat, but with some adult help on a few of these projects, it will be like you're right in the water with them.

Even if you live in a city or suburban area away from large bodies of water, you can still produce and enjoy fish activities. All you need are a few items, some creativity, and the desire to go back to "school."


Follow the links below to learn how to dive into fish activities.

Curly Fish

Amaze your friends with this scientific trick with a fish made from plastic.

Underwater Egg Investigation

Venturing out into nature lets you see for yourself how ocean creatures hatch from eggs.

Fish Prints

Buy a fish from the grocery store, and brush it with paint to design your own prints.

Catch the Fish

Get hooked by playing this numbered fish game with a bunch of your friends.

Awesome Aquascope

Build an aquascope to help you see creatures in water without getting wet.

Pond Dip Net

By making this net, you'll be able to see and catch pond organisms up close and personal.

Our Watery World

Crack open some reference books and learn all about the earth's oceans and rivers.

Underwater Night Life

Certain aquatic creatures venture out at nighttime, and this activity will help you view those who prefer the moon to the sun.

Keep reading to learn about a fishy scientific experiment with a slippery twist.

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