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Puppet Puppy
The Puppet Puppy Dog Craft is fun to make
The Puppet Puppy Dog Craft is fun to make

Puppet Puppy is a dog craft that stimulates all kinds of creativity -- especially with younger children. Work with your kids to cut out and glue the puppet pieces together, then sit back and watch them become the stars of a puppy puppet show!

What You'll Need:

  • Felt: two 9x12 inches white, 5x6 inches black, 6x8 inches brown, 1-inch square red, 1x3 inches royal blue
  • Poms: 1-1/2-inch beige, 1/2-inch black
  • 2 wiggle eyes, 15mm each
  • Black dimensional paint
  • 2-1/2-inch dog biscuit

How to Make a Puppet Puppy:

Step 1: Draw, trace, and cut out the following: two bodies from white felt; tail and two ears from black felt; eight spots from brown felt; knot and tongue from red felt; and tie from blue felt.

Draw and cut out all the puppet pieces. You'll need: two bodies, two ears, a tail, tongue, and bow tie, and eight spots.

Step 2: For puppet front, use craft glue to glue ears to sides of puppy's head. Glue five spots to puppy according to the finished photograph (see top of page). For back, glue the tail to the middle bottom. Then glue the side spots on the opposite sides that you glued on front. Glue last spot above tail.

Step 3: For muzzle, glue 1-1/2-inch pom to middle of puppy's face. Glue 1/2-inch pom to top front of muzzle for nose. Glue straight end of tongue into the lower side of muzzle pom. Glue wiggle eyes to face just above muzzle. Glue knot to center of bow tie. Glue bow tie just below tongue.

Step 4: To assemble puppet, use glue gun (set on low). Match up front and

back pieces (make sure the decorated sides face outward). Lift up puppet front. Apply line of glue a few inches at a time around edge of puppet; replace puppy front. Be sure to leave bottom open.

Step 5: Squeeze-paint black paw lines on left paw; let dry. Glue dog biscuit into puppy's right paw.

In the next dog craft, you'll treat your kids to an artistic manicure. Learn how to paint nails that display their puppy love in the next section.

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