Cat Crafts

A fun cat balloon figure
A fun cat balloon figure

Feel like getting in touch with your feline side? Why not work on these cat crafts with your friends and family.

They are fun to do and will not take up a lot of time.

Follow the links below to learn more about how to make your own cat crafts:

Cat Balloon Craft

Surprise your friends by making a cat balloon figure in front of their eyes. They are sure to be amazed.

Cat Bed Craft

Make your cat a bed for when he's sleepy and tired after a full day of playing.

Cat and Mouse

Keep your cat busy with this easily made mouse.

It will keep him on the run for hours and hours.

Catnip Toy Craft

Gather some basic craft-making essentials and make your kitty a toy filled with catnip he is sure to enjoy.

Kitty-Cat Face

This kitty face is fun to make, and pretty too.

Ms. Kitty

With her finest gems and her tail curled up, Ms. Kitty is all ready for a party!

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