Butterfly Crafts

Your kids are interesting, fun, wonderful people. Butterfly crafts for kids let them know it! By expressing themselves, kids not only learn more about themselves, but also more about the world around them.

Before beginning these butterfly crafts, consider researching butterfly books or exploring the outdoors for inspiration. You and your kids will soon discover there's much to learn and appreciate about nature's most beautiful insect.


Explore the links below to find fun, educational butterfly crafts that will have your whole family abuzz with activity:

Butterfly Autograph Book

Make a gorgeous notebook for family members and friends to share signatures, notes, and ideas.

Butterfly House

Build a home for migrating and hibernating butterflies right in your own backyard.

Clothespin Butterfly

Pin up report cards, photos, and reminders with these fun, fluttery clips.

Crazy Caterpillar

Celebrate a butterfly's beginnings with these crafty, wiggly-eyed creatures.

Patterned Butterfly

Use paper and paint to create stained glass butterflies that shine in the sunlight.

Totally Buggy Clips

Turn butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies into great gifts for everyone on your list.

Butterfly Magnet

Bring a scene from your garden to life by making this lovely and useful magnet.

Cutest Caterpillar

Not only is this craft fun to look at, but it makes a lovely jingle, too.

Dotty Butterfly

This beautiful butterfly craft is quite quick to make -- either with our pattern, or with one of your own.

Keep reading to learn how to make a special butterfly autograph book for the whole family to share.

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