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10 Strange and Unique Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Buffet

Wedding cakes can be ridiculously expensive, so it's not surprising that many brides initially balk at the idea of a cake buffet. However, a cake buffet can actually save you money. Think about it -- regardless if you're inviting 12 or 1,200 guests, you've got to find a way to feed them all. Since wedding cakes are pretty much the priciest kind of cake you can buy, offering multiple, lower-priced choices will end up costing you less than a single large wedding cake. It's like taking a week-long honeymoon in Cancun vs. a weekend in Paris. They're both great, but for many couples, more is better.

Wedding cake buffets are also about more than saving a buck. By offering several choices, you can make sure there's something for everybody, and you can incorporate multiple ideas and even get a little crazy. Many of the options already mentioned in this article will work here: a plate of cupcakes, a few fruit-filled offerings, cheesecakes and cookie cakes, radical colors and flavors. It's all up to you! Just make sure you stop to rub a handful of cake on your sweetie's face before everyone starts digging in.

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