Never Wear Black with Blue
10 Fashion Myths

Despite what people think black and blue do go together.


Black and blue often get a bad rap because they can be so close in shade that it's sometimes difficult to tell them apart, not to mention that wearing a black shirt with navy pants can come off looking a little drab. Here are a few tips for the right way to pair these two colors:

Accessorize: Say you're wearing skinny denim jeans and a black sweater. Adding red heels and red lipstick is an easy way to make the black-and-blue look a chic one.

Contrast: When you're wearing navy with black, you should try to play up the differences in tone. Wearing a white shirt under a navy blazer with a black skirt will help delineate the hues, making your outfit look intentional instead of accidental.

Brighten Up: Opt for brighter and bolder blues like cobalt or sky blue if you plan to pair them with black. The brighter hue will keep your outfit from looking washed out.