Steps to Applying Leg Makeup
woman applying cream to legs

The first steps to applying body makeup on your legs is to prep the skin's surface: You should exfoliate, shave, cleanse and moisturize.


Most people know that concealers and foundation can work miracles to cover up blemishes and dark spots on your face. But, did you ever consider using makeup elsewhere on your body -- like your legs? More than 20 percent of Americans have varicose veins, and many more let scars, freckles and other insecurities dictate their wardrobes to hide unsightly flaws on the skin.

But there is an option that's better than wearing long pants every month of the year: body makeup. It's a thicker version of traditional foundation that you use on your face. In fact, it's made to be applied everywhere except your face -- arms, stomach, back and of course legs. And, while face makeup is marketed mainly to women, body makeup is used by both men and women to cover up veins, cuts, scars, bruises and even tattoos.

We'll learn more about the steps to apply body makeup to your legs on the following pages.