Straight Talk for Straight Hair: Top 5 Tips for Straight Hair

Straight hair isn't maintenance free. But with a little work, it can be sleek and stunning.


It's only natural: Women with straight hair would often kill for a curly hair day.

Sleek can be stunning, but red-carpet illusion aside, straight hair isn't always sleek. It's not always malleable. It can be dull and tangled (in fact, straight hair is more prone to tangles than curly hair). It can have a kink that won't let loose or an end that refuses to flip under.

The thing is, it's permanent. The disulfide bonds that make straight hair straight (and curly hair curly) won't ultimately be swayed by chemicals or heat -- although the latter can be a good way to work with the potentially stunning, enviably straight locks you were born with.

There are actually a whole bunch of ways to work with straight hair. Here, five tips for looking red-carpet ready every day.

First, it's really not that tough to get some texture for a little while.