Things to Know About Adjusting to ParenthoodÂÂ
5 Things to Know About Adjusting to Parenthood

That little bundle of joy has completely changed your life. What can you do to adjust?


When a child enters your life, everything changes -- from when you sleep to what you buy at the grocery store to the daily conversations you have. Parenthood is mostly wonderful, but it can also be very difficult, and it takes a big adjustment to get from your old life to your new one.

Before you decided to have a baby, adopt a child or take in a foster child, you probably had a plan for how things would go. You might find yourself throwing that plan out the window and feeling a little lost. It's OK -- most parents feel that way.

This small, new person in your life is about to really rock the boat. HowStuffWorks and TLC have five things you need to know about the jump to parenthood.