Things Your Daycare Doesn't Want You to Know
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Your child's daycare center seems great -- but goes on behind closed doors?


It could be like a page out of "Daycare Confidential." Clandestine meetings, whispered plans, for-your-eyes-only memos. Although these inner-workings have the makings of a great novel, such secretive stuff isn't welcome when it's part-and-parcel of where your child spends most of his or her days.

So, when it comes to keeping an eye on your daycare center, there are a few things you oughta know. From surprisingly lax supervision to cloyingly false promises, this top 10 spills the beans about companies making a living off childcare. While there are many quality daycare providers and childcare centers available, as with any issue related to your child, due diligence on your part is advised. We'll tell you what to look for in a daycare center -- and what to watch out for -- next.