Illustration of an animal combo

Try our fun animal combos activity and create interesting new species.

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These science activities for kids are ideal for children that enjoy challenging and fun indoor crafts and activities -- and you don't have to be Einstein or Marie Curie to be successful with them either. These science activities provide kids with a fun way to get interested in science and learn more about the natural world.

Approach these activities with the required (and measured) enthusiasm for discovery and invention, and you are sure to have a ton of fun! Here are some science activities that we think you will certainly enjoy.

Race With Time Activity

How fast can you tell the time? Try this race with time activity and find out. This activity is ideal for young children.

Animal Combos Activity

Combine your love of animals and drawing with this animal combos activity. You'll create all sorts of strange and beautiful creatures.

Triangle Treat Activity

Try this triangle treat activity if you have a soft spot for geometry. The designs you make will be three-sided wonders!

Stuffed Animals Activity

Try this stuffed animals activity and see how high you can stack your beloved stuffed animals.

Kitchen Garden Activity

Make a garden in your kitchen with this kitchen garden activity. Nothing tastes as good as a homegrown vegetable!

Plant Mosaic Activity

Use dried beans and seeds to make a picture of a plant. Try this plant mosaic activity and see how easy it is to do.

Toothpick Tower

Try this toothpick tower activity and see how high you can stack your toothpicks without having them all come tumbling down.

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